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Admission Detail

B.Sc./B.A. in Filmmaking with specialisations | 3 Years

Academic qualification: HSC or equivalent from a Recognised Board.

Selection Process: General Aptitude Test, Creative Ability Test & Personal Interview.

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Admissions Closed for July 2017.
Please visit this page later for information on July 2018 Admissions.

Tuition Fees & Security Deposit

Programme Duration Programme Fees* Security Deposit
Cinematography 3 years 23,00,000 1,00,000
Direction 3 years 23,00,000 1,00,000
Editing 3 years 22,00,000 1,00,000
Producing 3 years 22,00,000 1,00,000
Sound Recording & Design 3 years 20,00,000 1,00,000
VFX 3 years 14,00,000 1,00,000
Production Design 3 years 20,00,000 1,00,000

* GST as applicable (currently 18%) would be additional and is not reflected in the above-mentioned amounts.

Payment Installments**

Programme Acceptance Sem 1 Sem 2 Sem 3 Sem 4 Sem 5 Sem 6 Total
Cinematography / Direction 2,00,000 3,00,000 3,00,000 4,00,000 4,00,000 4,00,000 4,00,000 24,00,000
Editing / Producing 2,00,000 3,00,000 3,00,000 4,00,000 4,00,000 4,00,000 3,00,000 23,00,000
Sound Recording & Design 2,00,000 3,00,000 3,00,000 4,00,000 3,00,000 3,00,000 3,00,000 21,00,000
VFX 2,00,000 3,00,000 3,00,000 3,00,000 2,00,000 1,00,000 1,00,000 15,00,000
Production Design 2,00,000 3,00,000 3,00,000 4,00,000 3,00,000 3,00,000 3,00,000 21,00,000

** Security Deposit & Taxes (subject to changes based on Taxation norms) are included in the above instalment amounts.


    • All amounts are payable to are payable through the WWI online payment portal. The link to the same will be mentioned in each invoice that the student receives. International students can pay by NEFT / RTGS / online electronic transfer. Details for online transfer of funds are available with the Admissions Office.




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    • All degrees / diplomas are awarded by the Tata Institute of Social Sciences. TISS is a deemed University under section 3 of the University Grants Commission Act, 1956.
    • All Fees are being collected by WWI on behalf of TISS as the implementation partner for TISS.
    • Examination Fees, payable on an annual or semi-annual basis, are additional. You will be intimated of the same from time to time.
    • GST, as applicable has not been levied based on prevalent taxation rules / guidelines for educational institutions. However, these are subject to change. Any taxes levied by the government / taxation authorities would be additional & intimated to students with appropriate notice.
    • The Semester 1 instalment includes security deposit. This is non-interest bearing and refundable on program completion or withdrawal, subject to deductions.
    • The institute undertakes all refunds of fees & security deposits only twice a year – in the months of August and February. So all refund requests processed during the year are disbursed only in these months.
    • All amounts are listed & payable in Indian Rupees, for both Indian and International students.
    • All payments made by Indian nationals must be accompanied by the Permanent Account Number (PAN) of the payee, without which fees will not be accepted.
    • All fees are as mentioned are for the program as a whole, and are being collected over instalments to reduce the burden of paying large amounts on the student. The semester-wise payments are not reflective of the value of the program completed till then or the value charged specifically for that semester.
    • The ‘Acceptance’ payment is payable within two weeks of being accepted into a program. If a student is accepted within two weeks of program commencement, then it is payable on registration day. The ‘Acceptance’ payment is non-refundable, although it can be carried forward for a maximum of 2 intakes, subject to management approval. The Fee policy applicable to students who push forward their admission will be the one that is active when the student does join the program. WWI refunds the ‘Acceptance’ instalment to students only in case they withdraw before program commencement, under exceptional circumstances, in which case a admission processing fee of Rs 50,000/- will be retained by WWI.
    • Semester 1 fees are payable on Registration day, which may be a few days prior to program commencement. All other instalments are payable 1 week before the commencement of each Semester, except for the final Semester. All payments listed under the Final Semester of each program have to be paid before the penultimate semester is completed.
    • Once a Semester has commenced, all fees paid / payable upto the end of that semester are non-refundable. Should a student leave his/her program mid-semester, all fees paid / payable are non-refundable but any fees paid in advance for future semesters will be refunded, with the security deposit, subject to deductions.
    • Transfer of fees across / between programs is subject to management approval, on a case-by-case basis, and will involve a re-calculation of fees based on the existing fees in the new program & the amount already paid by the student and where in the program (which semester) the student chooses to transfer:
    • If a student changes specialisation mid-program from a program with a lower fee to a program with a higher fee, the fee difference, on a retrospective basis (for the semesters already completed), is to be paid by the student before commencement of the next Semester.
    • If a student changes specialisation mid-program from a program with a higher fee to a program with a lower fee, no refunds will be made retrospectively for fee differences, if any in the Semesters already completed, and, irrespective of such differences, fees payable for future Semesters have to be paid as per the fee policy.
    • If a student wishes to withdraw from the program between 2 semesters, he / she has to convey the same in writing to the Dean and the Administration Manager atleast 2 weeks prior to Semester commencement. After such date, entire fees payable for that semester will be applicable.
    • In case of refunds or claims sought, the student will hold Whistling Woods International alone responsible for the same as it is the institution that is delivering the education as the implementation partner of TISS Deemed University. Whistling Woods International has indemnified TISS of the same.
    • Any scholarship / fee waiver / fee adjustment extended to a student will be used to reduce the fees payable for the ultimate (final) Semester of his/her program. If scholarship / fee waiver amounts are higher than those payable for the final semester, then the balance over & above that will be used to reduce the amount payable for the penultimate semester, and so on…
    • A delay in Fee Payment will attract a penalty of Rs 2,500/- per week. Each act of cheque bouncing / dishonour of cheque will attract a penalty of Rs 5,000/-.
    • Program Fees do not include any additional study tour costs. While such additional costs are rare, they will need to be paid additionally as and when required. Due notice will be given to students for the same.
    • Health Insurance is mandatory for all students. Whistling Woods International provides a group health insurance policy, the cost of which is already built into the fees.
    • Students would need to acquire some supplies, as under:
      • All students being accepted into the Direction or Producing specialisations need to acquire a MacBook Pro laptop with minimum specifications: MacBook Pro i5 Processor (i7 recommended), 8 Gb Ram (16Gb recommended), 7200 RPM hard drive, Intel Iris Graphics 5100 & a good quality headphone (recommended Sennheiser HD203 or equivalent). Additionally, all students being accepted into the Direction specialisation need to acquire a DSLR camera with standard lens-kit (current specifications are for a Sony Alpha7 SII with standard lens kit). WWI will provide exact specifications to the students in April-May 2019, based on new models being launched.
      • All students being accepted into the Editing / Sound Recording & Design / VFX specialisations would need to acquire a good quality headphone (recommended Sennheiser HD203 or equivalent)
      • WWI will provide students of the Direction specialisation, on request, software from the Adobe Creative Suite, as needed by them for their education.
      • All students of the Producing specialisation need to buy Movie Magic Budgeting & Movie Magic Scheduling software, which will be made available to them at a reduced cost of 149US$ each.
      • All students of the Music Production & Composition programs will need to acquire MacBook Pro laptop with minimum specifications: MacBook Pro i5 Processor (i7 recommended), 8 Gb Ram (16Gb recommended), 7200 RPM hard drive, Intel Iris Graphics 5100, a good quality headphone (Sennheiser HD203 or equivalent), a MIDI controller keyboard and certain additional hardware & software, which will be intimated at the time of admission.
      • All students being accepted into the Fashion Design program will need to acquire an Art Material Kit, a Sewing Kit, a Trend Forecasting WGSN subscription, and some reference books. Additional details of the same will be provided on admission.
      • All students will need to subscribe to an academic learning management system & a student information system that WWI is presently in the process of evaluating & implementing. WWI estimates this amount to be approximately Rs 7,000/- per student per year. Appropriate intimation of the same will be given.
    • Whistling Woods is currently undergoing litigation with respect to its campus in Filmcity, Mumbai. WWI has secured relief through interim orders passed by both the Hon. Supreme Court of India on September 22, 2014 and the Hon. Bombay High Court on July 30, 2014, on WWI’s review petition challenging the Hon. Bombay High Court’s February 2012 decision on the matter. In its order of July 30, 2014, the Hon. Bombay High Court has allowed WWI to continue its educational activities unhindered until the review petition is finally decided upon and in its order of September 22, 2014, the Hon. Supreme Court of India has reaffirmed that decision. In case there is any update on this matter, adequate intimation / notice will be given.
    • Fee Policies as above are subject to change at Management’s discretion. Appropriate notification of the same will be given to all students. Excessively delayed fee payments may be cause for cancellation of enrolment of student.

*All the content of this website are subject to change at the discretion of the management.