It is great for an institute to be able to witness a student’s journey from being a student to a professional and then returning to their Alma Mater as Masters, to share their experience with the existing students, completing a full circle.

We had the team of the short film, ‘Time Machine’, made by our alumni Arati Kadav, Zain Matcheswalla and Zenish Mehta. It was great to hear our students, now alumni, share their experience of networking and collaborating with their batchmates and peers to create meaningful and innovative content. Time Machine is conceptualized and directed by Arati Kadav. Her inclination towards sci-fi movies made her come up with the idea of making this short, simple and interesting film.

Zain Matcheswalla, the writer of the movie, discussed how important it is to be in sync with the director’s vision to be able to deliver optimally, and how necessary it is to be aware of every minute requirement and addressing every aspect of filmmaking from the time of conceptualization.

The team also shared about their venture – Short Film Window, which is a platform that hosts short films from across the world. The venture was started by Arati Kadav with an objective to present short films as feature films.

Talking about making a visual impact, Arati opined that it is important to create a rich texture onscreen. She suggested the enthusiastic and eager WWI students to understand the colour concept and have the vision to create interesting layers to achieve great visual appeal.

As a friendly advice, she told WWI students that as a student of filmmaking, it is important to try to find one’s voice and never ever thinking of giving up on the dream and aspiration of making films.