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Uss Paar: A short film by students of Whistling Woods International

Sub Title: 
Students' Works
School Type: 
School Of Filmmaking

It's Ganesh Festival time and little girl Mukta wants her sculptor father to make another Ganesh idol for her. She has picked river side mud and she wants to fulfill her part of the custom by providing the sacred mud to her father. However the father has migrated to Mumbai as a taxi driver.She meets an old railway TT (Kishen) who embarks on train journey to Mumbai everyday. Kishen has his own demons and has stopped believing in happy endings. Between hope and despair, where would the balance tilt? What is the significance of that mud for Mukta, for her father and for Kishen? This the girl doesn't know. All she can do is hope and wait for her father - who lives on the other end of the tracks.

Cast & Crew:

Director: Arati Kadav

Music / Sound: Neepun Cheema

Editor: Sushant Mishra

Cinematographer: Chetan Vhora

Actors: Jackie Shroff, Ovi Dixit, Vijay Suriyan

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Mukta, waiting for her father, meanwhile TT person tries to help her. Watch the movie to know his motive behind helping her.
Publication Date: 
Sunday, October 11, 2015 - 13:45