Career Options in Media & Communication


A Journalist is liable for exploring and composing relevant news stories and narratives about genuine occasions utilising a fair and unbiased point of view. Their work incorporates meeting specialists, assembling direct records of occasions and sorting out a blueprint into a firm, fascinating story.


Reporters are tasked with gathering information about various global events and producing stories about them. While they frequently work for news organisations, they may also be employed by businesses that curate internal tales. Reporters may also be independent contractors.


Editors plan, direct, and reconsider material for distribution in books, papers, periodicals or online. Editors audit story thoughts and conclude the materials that will advance most to the readers. During the survey cycle, editors offer remarks to work on the item and recommend titles.

Social Media Manager

A Social Media Manager is in charge of overseeing an organisation’s social media presence. They maintain the social media profiles for their company, interact with the public, and control their online reputation.

Public Relations Specialist

A Public Relations specialist is in charge of raising awareness of a business or brand. They use a variety of media to accomplish the goal of maintaining a positive brand image in the public eye. Their preferred media can be both online sources, like YouTube or a blog, and more conventional ones, like radio, newspapers, or television.

Media Manager

A Media Manager is responsible for developing a marketing message to increase consumer recognition of a specific brand. They need to manage media relations and improve the efficiency of press and publicity operations.

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