Tips To Choose The Best Film School


1. Location

The location of your film school matters to a great degree. Realistically, people want to get into one of the best film schools in Mumbai. And that makes sense because of the proximity to the film industry. Now, what if your film school is located inside Mumbai’s Film City itself? Well – we will come to that later, but that is a possibility.

2. Alumni

One of the best ways to gauge if you are in the best film institute in India is to see its track record. How are the students from the previous batches doing, and more importantly, what kind of work are they doing? The alumni propagate an institute’s name, and they are the ones who prove how well-curated the curriculum is. 

3. Faculty

The best film schools in Mumbai have a vibrant assortment of faculty from different sections of the fraternity. The best teachers in filmmaking are the ones who’ve done it themselves or have spent decades teaching students this art form. The faculty should have industrial experience and knowledge, and they need to be able to provide relevant training to the students entering this field.

4. Career Assistance

If the film school of your choice is providing career assistance/guidance upon completion of the filmmaking course, then you’re at the right spot. Colleges are becoming holistic in their approach to educating students – that’s why we see cases where institutes provide unparalleled opportunities to their students and ensure they are industry-ready as soon as possible.

5. Range of Options

How many different courses for various sectors in the film industry are on offer. This is a pertinent question as it will help someone understand just how comprehensive of a film school it is that they’re applying to. Such options open up avenues for collaboration and sometimes help people realize that their passion for filmmaking can be utilized elsewhere.

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