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WWI School of Design

The WWI School of Design is our newest offering that will complement other schools to complete the bouquet of offerings we provide. In association with France’s premier design school ECV, we give you an opportunity to develop a network of creative professionals in France along with availing the best in design education

About ECV

Since its inception in 1984, ECV has been successful in guiding creatively driven students to professional success. ECV immerses its students in a community of creative talents from across the world, so that they are industry ready once they enter the professional world. Once associated with ECV you will share more than just a school, you will share a mindset and belong to a community

Hone your skills the way you want to


Students will be pushed to affirm their communicative capacity and brush up their promotional communication skills to tackle the advertising world with design for advertising - mastering the effective deployment of layout, typography, image and concept.

Art Direction

Students learn visual style and imaging for magazines, product packaging, and audio-visual productions. They will be trained to harness and integrate the various elements within a design to produce a certain look and feel for the resulting work so that it contains the required expressions and conveys the appropriate messages.


This will aid students in learning about the essentials of design for temporal media (time-based media) that incorporates audio-visuality. Moving images present a different set of challenges for the visual communication designer, with film and television content forming the realm of visual design practice.

Branding, Identity and Packaging

Students learn the know-how of branding a product or service for effective marketing while understanding the processes and meaning making systems of ubiquitous visual signs, logos, logo-types. They also learn effective packaging design for products that are consistent with brand identities.

Information Design

Students practice the detailed planning and visual interpretation of specific information that is to be provided to a particular audience, and in meeting those objectives, the information is presented in a way that fosters efficient and effective understanding, for further action.

Motion Graphics

Students are familiarised with the basic principles of animation / motion graphics and understand the core components and functions of standard motion graphic tools. They will also learn to effectively animate and deploy type in the context of motion.

Spatial Design

The students learn about the design of built environments, incorporating aspects of interior design, architecture, performance, art and visual tools and techniques. Central to this is the relationship between people and built environments, where one has to design ways to improve those environments. Environmental graphics is integral to this activity as well.


Students will have a good understanding of typographic design and how type is used to communicate, for typography is one of the most influential elements that establishes the character and emotional attributes of a design. The ability to classify typefaces is essential to design and effective communication, for different fonts have different characteristics and personalities.

Web and Interaction Design

The students will be initiated into the domain of user centered design by learning to create engaging web interfaces aiming to play out desired user experiences. The principles of visual interface design go a long way to establish meaningful communication via interactive media, by engaging with cyclical and collaborative processes between people and technology.


Students gain an understanding of the essentials of the various methods (such as lithography, screen-printing, letterpress, hot-metal, linocut) that enable text and images to be printed on to a wide range of substrates from paper and board, to ceramics and textiles.

Why us?

Courses accredited by the Tata Institute of Social Sciences

The academic pedagogy of TISS and the well-established practical rigour of WWI’s education comes together in a perfect partnership to provide the best education to students

Excel in a specialty of your choice

Design school’s two fold vocation program provides you with the luxury to choose a career path that is close to your heart.

Internships and Placements

The ‘industry-ready’ WWI trainees meet the escalating need for fresh talent in the Media and Entertainment industry. The dedicated Career Resource Centre on campus builds partnerships with the best media and entertainment industries to ensure a bright career for the students

Listed among the Top Ten International Film Schools by The Hollywood Reporter

Advisory board

  • Patrick Hermand


  • Prahlad Kakar

    Advertising film director, Genesis.
    Chairman and founder, Prahlad Kakar School of Branding and Entrepreneurship

  • Neeta Lulla

    Fashion Designer
    Whistling Woods International School of Fashion

  • Omung Kumar

    Production designer

  • Rouble Nagi

    Rouble Nagi Design Studio

  • Alpana Parida

    Managing director,
    DY Works

  • Ashish Kulkarni

    Punnyaryug Artvision Pvt.Ltd. Former CEO,
    BIG Animation

  • Farid Bawa

    Communication designer

  • Mitali Kakar

    Producer, Environmentalist, Scuba Diving Instructor

  • Neeraj Roy

    MD and CEO,
    Hungama Digital Media Entertainment.
    Managing Director,

  • Rahul Nanda

    Advertising film director, Genesis.
    Chairman and founder, Prahlad Kakar School of Branding and Entrepreneurship

  • Sethunath Padmanabhan

    Managing director,

  • Sowmya Iyer

    Xebec Digital

  • Subhash Awchat

    Artist & communication designer