Workshop on Basic Introduction to Character Psychology and Indian Mythology with Anjum Rajabali

November 16-17, 2019: Human nature, with all its contradictions, complexes and hidden impulses has mystified scientists, philosophers and psychologists alike for centuries. There have been so many different serious attempts and approaches to try and understand what makes us feel, think and act the way we do.

This workshop will offer you a basic introduction to three major schools of psychology, which have approached the human psyche with entirely different approaches: Behaviourism, Humanism and Psychoanalysis.

Apart from this, half a day will be devoted to enumerating and explaining the common defence mechanisms that we regularly employ to hide our true feelings, to stop our hidden anxieties from gripping us.

The second day will offer a basic but substantive introduction to Mythology itself, looking at the dramaturgy, narrative devices of the two Indian epics, recurring themes and conflicts that continue in modern storytelling too, and then an analysis of some key characters.

While the two workshops are open to everyone, we do believe that screenwriters could benefit greatly too from them.


Workshop Instructor: Anjum Rajabali is a well-known senior screenwriter with several films to his credit like Raajneeti, Ghulam, The Legend of Bhagat Singh. He holds a Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology from the University of Pune. He is Head of Screenwriting at Whistling Woods since 2006 and was the Honorary Head of Screenplay Writing at FTII from 2004-16.


Fees: Rs.4000/- for each day (Inclusive of GST, lunch, tea/coffee)

Fees for both days together: Rs. 7000/- (Inclusive of GST, lunch, tea/coffee)


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