Empowering Talent: Aastha Prajapti from AngelXpress Foundation Shines at Aiyanna 2023, Fashion Graduation Show hosted by School of Fashion

Aastha Prajapti, an extraordinary talent supported by the AngelXpress Foundation, showcased her remarkable abilities on the ramp at Aiyanna 2023, the 8th edition of the annual Fashion Graduation Show hosted by the Whistling Woods International School of Fashion. Her costume, meticulously designed and crafted by Neha Amin from the School of Fashion, exemplified the skill and creativity nurtured within our institution. At just 12 years old, Aastha served as a powerful testament to WWI's unwavering commitment to inclusivity, fostering equal opportunities for aspiring talents irrespective of social and economic divisions.

  • Event date:June 8, 2023