WWI Faculty Helps Screen Deserving Students for NGO Scholarship Program in Media and Entertainment Industry

Khwaab Celebrates Whistling Woods International's 17th Founders Day with a Green Commitment

At Khwaab, we believe that every step towards a sustainable future count. On the momentous occasion of Whistling Woods International's 17th Founders Day, Team Khwaab celebrated in a truly special manner. In partnership with the SankalpTaru Foundation, Khwaab embarked on a green mission by planting 17 trees on July 18 (Tuesday), signifying our unwavering dedication to a greener and more sustainable future. This symbolic act reflects our deep-rooted commitment to environmental preservation and responsible practices. The unwavering support that we have received from everyone at Whistling Woods has allowed the team to pursue passions and create meaningful change.

  • Event date:July 18, 2023