Khwaab Volunteers Celebrates President's Birthday with Visit to Myna Mahila Foundation and Community Activities

Khwaab Volunteers celebrate President's Birthday with Myna Mahila Foundation Members

On August 20, Whistling Woods enthusiastically observed the birthday of its president, Meghna Ghai Puri. Khwaab student volunteers went to the Myna Mahila Foundation to commemorate the event and spoke with the foundation's staff. They were able to see firsthand the efforts being made by the foundation to empower women from low-income households. During their visit, they were given a thorough explanation of the operation of Myna Mahila's sanitary napkin unit and were given a tour of it.

To celebrate, volunteers from Khwaab put together housie, game-based activities, and other enjoyable events. To honour the President, the organization's members were ecstatic to participate in the festivities.

As part of their birthday celebration, the volunteers also gave out gifts to the foundation's members. The cake cutting ceremony that marked the end of the day was enjoyed by all those in attendance. The event was a huge success because it brought together participants from various backgrounds and gave them a chance to connect over enjoyable activities.

  • Event date:August 20, 2022