UNICEF Photography Workshop: Mentors Inspire Creativity Through Hands-On Learning

Empowering Through the Lens: WWI Students Collaborate with UNICEF to organize Photography Workshop for Underprivileged Kids

Priyanshi Agrawal, a student majoring in cinematography (class of 2021) and Keshav Madhav, an ADFM student majoring in cinematography (class of 2022) served as mentors for a workshop run by UNICEF as part of the Youth for Children Photography initiative. The session gave attendees a fundamental understanding of key ideas like as how lenses work, how images are created, how depth of field works, etc. A session of practical practise and experimentation was held after the lesson. The kids had the chance to take pictures in various locations throughout this lesson so they could see and recognise the differences visually. Consequently, motivating students to use photography as a means of expressing their imagination and creativity.

  • Event date:September 25, 2022