WWI Collaborates with Vision Rescue NGO to Empower Underprivileged Communities through Fundraising Sale

Visionary Sale

Whistling Woods International gave a stall to Vision Rescue NGO on its campus to sale their merchandise in April 2021. The NGO sold old bracelets, framed posters, tote bags and other products made by their members. All the proceedings from these sales were used for helping and empowering the members of Vision Rescue.

This initiative was taken by Whistling Woods International to support and motivate the members of Vision Rescue NGO in their endeavor for better living conditions for the underprivileged section of society. This initiative was a way to show their support and help them raise funds for providing necessities such as education, health care, nutrition etc.

WWI firmly believes in giving back to the society and is committed to support such initiatives that are designed with a noble cause. WWI not only took this opportunity to support but also promoted Vision Rescue NGO's mission by encouraging its staff and students to purchase these products.

  • Event date:April 29, 2022