Celebration of World Alzheimer's Day

Celebration of World Alzheimer’s Day

Celebration of World Alzheimer’s Day

WWI and WWIF partnered with Alzheimer’s & Related Disorders Society of India (ARDSI), Mumbai Chapter and Salaam Bombay Foundation to celebrate World Alzheimer’s Day September 21 this year. We had hosted mobile photography and poster making competition with SBF kids.

WORLD ALZHEIMER’S DAY, SEPTEMBER 21, is celebrated all over the world to create more awareness about dementia of which Alzheimer’s disease is the most common. To sensitise the community, spreading awareness that Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia is yet another organ (brain) disorder. This is an important way to remove social stigma. This will eventually make it an inclusive and dementia-friendly society. It will also mean that people will go for timely or early diagnosis and intervention. India has 5.13m people living with dementia that presently has no cure. To offer a better quality of life and wellbeing to persons affected by dementia, their family members and caregivers, we decided to sensitise the community and spread more awareness of Alzheimer’s Disease. It will remove social stigma attached to this disease and clear the notion that it is not lunacy or madness but that this is a brain disorder (like diseases of other organs).

THEME: REMEMBER THOSE WHO CANNOT REMEMBER Take photos or cover (draw/paint sketch) of the elderly in different moods: Lost, feeling lonely, lost, happy, sad, worried, etc., and are expressing their joy with a child or a child expressing love towards the elders. The message is to ask everyone to give some of their time to ANY ELDER who may or may be not affected by Alzheimer’s, be with them with empathy, patience, and compassion.

List of the Judges:

  • Dinkar V. Pawar, Principal, Music and Art Academy - Art Section, MCGM - Education Department
  • Hridgandha Girish Mistry - Commercial and advertising photographer | Director and faculty at Shari Academy of professional photography and digital imaging
  • Milindo Taid, Head of Department, School of Design, Whistling Woods International
  • Rajesh Thakare (Visiting Faculty), School of Design, Whistling Woods International
  • Devyani Arya (Faculty), School of Design, Whistling Woods International
  • Anagha Mayekar, Photographer and Visiting Faculty, School of Media & Communication, Whistling Woods International
  • Event date:September 21, 2021