How To
Start A Career in
Event Management?

Establish A Solid Base With Acquiring A Degree

Gaining a solid understanding of the hospitality industry as a whole and the events sector, in particular, can be accomplished via education. Set yourself out from other job searchers with a background of education in the field. Both – landing a job and creating your own event planning company can benefit from this education.

Convert All Prior Experience—Event-Related And Otherwise—Into Current Knowledge

Examine your careers and interests for soft talents that are transferrable. Consider how those abilities will fit with the events you want to design and organise, and then put them in your event planning portfolio’s experience section.

Balance Your Creative Production With Logistical Expertise

An event manager should strike a balance between both the logical and creative sides of their work.

Logic and logistics are the core foundation of all successful event management. You must have a passion for the small details as well as the big picture. You’ll be in charge of floor plan layouts and event budgets, which demand rational thinking and planning.

Developing An Event Planning Portfolio

Portfolio will help you establish your presence in the market and get your potential customers acquainted with your brand.

Find A Field That You Wish To Work In But Gain Experience From Everywhere

Do not set boundaries for yourself when trying to find work at events. Various organisations host events and search for people to take on a planning role. Therefore, for example, if you find an opportunity to host an event for a pharmaceutical company, don’t let the opportunity go and manage their event.

Make Connections

Networking is the most effective approach to launching an event management career. Who you know and who knows you is everything. Attend networking events sponsored by hospitality groups to introduce yourself. Although it might be intimidating – networking is a crucial skill set in this field.


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