Jobs in Animation And Game Design

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Game Designer

All of the game’s stages, stories, rules, settings, characters, game type, version, etc., are curated by the game’s developer. The game designer starts by imagining the game in his head before actually creating it.

3D Artist

A 3D animation artist creates the 3D animations used in the game. The 3D animations, graphic effects, and animations add value to the game.

Sound Designer

Every game would be lacking something without sound. Any game will succeed if the sound and music are captivating. The sound engineer makes the game sound more realistic by using sound effects and soundtracks.

Game Tester

By playing the game and inspecting it for any potential defects, the game tester assesses it. They are responsible for testing each game feature and reporting bugs to the developer.

Quality Assurance Engineer

The function of the QA Engineer in the game development process is crucial as he assesses the game’s specifications, features, and capabilities.

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