Options After A Degree in Fashion Design

Fashion Designer

Clothing, footwear, and accessory designs get sketched up by fashion designers. They draw sketches of their ideas, choose fabrics and patterns, and provide guidelines for making the objects they design.

Retail Buyer

To maintain their own company's competitiveness with other retailers, retail buyers plan, manage, and choose the products that get offered in retail shops. They constantly search for new items and evaluate existing ones to ensure they are abreast of recent trends.

Rental Manager

Retail managers are responsible for day-to-day supervision of their retail outlets, which includes looking after their staff, and sales and managing the stock and all the resources.

Fashion Stylist

Fashion stylists work for people, fashion houses, and apparel companies. They give fashion advice, pick out clothing for models in photo shoots or actors in television and film, and style those outfits. They also select props and accessories and get them ready for filming.

Personal Shopper

As a Personal Shopper, you will assist your clients in selecting apparel. You may achieve this by getting the customer's preferences and desired spending range. After that, you'll search the store for things your client will like.

Fashion Model

At fashion shows, in publications, and online, fashion models represent clothes and accessories of different designs and brands.

Fashion Journalist

For various media outlets, including magazines, newspapers, and the internet, fashion journalists write pieces about apparel, accessories, and fashion trends. Fashion journalists write for magazines, journals, and blogs on the newest trends in clothing, accessories, and accessories.

Textile Designer

To produce knit, woven, and printed textiles and textile items, textile designers create two-dimensional designs frequently utilized as repeat patterns. They specialize in or operate in a specialized context within the textile sector, working in both industrial and non-industrial settings.

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