Screenwriting | 3 month certificate program

Programme Overview

What is Screenwriting?

The story is in your head, but what sells it to the audience is the screenplay, the script. At Whistling Woods International Virtual Academy, we’ll teach you how to successfully transfer that story you have in your mind to the paper, and eventually to the big screen. A screenplay is the blueprint that keeps everyone working on the project on track. In essence, this is where a movie starts and thus, this is where we’ll start our journey to understanding filmmaking.

Course Objectives

In this course, you will learn about the different styles of screenplay-writing, how to use your words to convey emotions, develop the characters so the audience can relate to it etc. The course aims at helping you discover your own style of writing and find your voice. Through the 10-part syllabus mentioned in the Curriculum section, we’ll help you hone your writing skills and intuition for human emotions while in the process teaching you to think creatively.