Gauri Vartak

Gauri Vartak is working as an intern with Stylist Allia Al Rufai

Yashvi Kapadia

Yashvi Kapadia is working as an intern with Stylist Mohit Rai


Soundarya is working as an intern with Colonial Films

Avni Desai

Avni Desai is working on her own export house, Crest

Ameya Kadulkar

Ameya Kadulkar is working as a designer with Mixpot

Tamanna Kothari

Tamanna Kothari is working as Freelance designer

Vaidehi Dharap

Vaidehi Dharap is working with Maiti Sahani

Stephie Falcao

Stephie Falcao started her own brand – JAKE

Shaziya Shaikh

Shaziya Shaikh started her own brand – Shaziya Shaikh the label

Bharti Sharma

Bharti Sharma is Owner of Freesparrow Kids Wear Brand

Amrita Banerjee

Amrita Banerjee(Rodrigues) is working as Fashion Stylist and Creative Consultant , Currently in Bermuda

Yashmita Bane

Yashmita Bane is working as Freelance Costume designer and stylist

Pranita Choudhury

Pranita Choudhury Last worked with Gavin Miguel

Saakshi Chopra

Saakshi Chopra Worked with Stylist Alia Alrufai and worked on Cover Shoots as a Fashion Assistant for Verve Corner,Harper’s Bazaar, Elle Fashion Story

Marina Fernandes

Marina Fernandes started her own label: Marina Fernandes

Pranali Oswal

Pranali Oswal started her own label: Love Pop

Niyati Pathak

Niyati Pathak is working as Freelance Stylist and Designer in Milan

Khushboo Rathi

Khushboo Rathi is working with Aura Fashions

Richa Shah

Richa Shah started her own label: Elvira and Selcouth

Pallavi Jaswani

Pallavi Jaswani has started her own label: Pallavi Jaswani

Nidhi Gala

Nidhi Gala started her own venture: Royal Enterprise

Mehak Murpana

Mehak Murpana has started her own label: Mehak Murpana

Rashmi Singh

Rashmi Singh started her own label: Love Desi