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66 Credit Hours | 18 Months


The Cinematography specialization teaches students to master the art of painting with light by learning camera techniques, studying the use of state-of-the-art lights, cranes and HD, Film & 3D cameras. In these courses, students learn through and present the following projects: 

1. Mise-en-scene (Multi Shot): 3 min, Digital Video, Color

2. Mise-en-scène (Single Shot): 3 min, Digital Video, Color

3. Diploma Film: 10 min, 35mm/HD/16mm, Color




Non-Motion Photography | 6 Credit Hours

Students understand the basics of framing, composition & lighting skills, while learning about various lens effects & depth of field. They are also given an introductory overview of electricity & studio power layout methods and to set lighting within a film studio.

Practical sessions

Familiarization with Canon still camera

Exposure and Light Meter

3-point lighting with 35mm still camera

Human figure & background light using still camera lenses.


Video Fundamentals | Standard Definition 12 Credit Hours

Students progress from photochemical to electronic imaging and are taken ahead into more complex lighting situations. They hone their skills to operate & focus on complex and intricate camera movements with cranes, trolleys & tracking devices.




Practical sessions

Operation & focus pulling with Sony D50

Studio set lighting with Sony D50


Motion Picture Photography | 16mm | 4 Credit Hours

Students build on their skills of lighting, lenses and operation on a coordinated project without the aid of a video assist

Practical sessions

Introduction to 16mm film

Demo & hands-on of Arriflex 16 SR2

Post-Production in a film laboratory



Motion Picture Photography | 16mm and 35mm | 10 Credit Hours

Here students learn more about 16mm and 35mm Motion Picture Photography with an in-depth study of Advanced Film Exposure with Grey Card, Exposed Negative Processing & Printing, Color Temperature Theory and Advance Lab Theory. Towards their term-end students execute a visual interpretation of song/music on 35mm film.

Practical sessions

Hands on with a 35mm camera

Preparing for the music video


Music Video


Video Fundamentals | High Definition | 8 Credit Hours

Students gain an understanding of HD Video & Digital Cinematography through experience after an in-depth detailing of its features and capabilities.

Practical sessions

Hands-on with HD camera & recorder


Master Class Series | 4 Credit Hours

Master Classes and interactive sessions are held with practicing experts at the end of the term to prepare students for the professional world outside.

Practical sessions

Shoot in 35mm Motion Picture Camera



Execution of Diploma Films | 16 Credit Hours 

Students execute their Diploma Film projects as Cinematographers through Pre-Production, Shoot and Post-Production stages. They also assist their own batch mates as 1st or 2nd Assistant camerapersons or focus pullers. Students acquire skills of pre-production, production and post-production planning and execution and understand the various jobs involved in active cinematography and everything it takes to tell a story visually in relation to their respective Diploma projects.

Practical sessions

Diploma film shoots

Post production of Diploma films


Sessions with Professional DOPs


Documentary Film | 6 Credit Hours

Students shoot an assessed Documentary Film on any High Definition or DSLR camera with a minimum edited duration of 7 minutes.


* Changes in Curriculum, Fees & Policy are subject to Management discretion.