66 Credit Hours | 18 Months

The Cinematography specialization teaches students to master the art of painting with light by learning camera techniques, studying the use of state-of-the-art lights, cranes and HD, Film & 3D cameras. In these courses, students learn through and present the following projects:

  1. Mise-en-scene (Multi Shot): 3 min, Digital Video, Color
  2. Mise-en-scène (Single Shot): 3 min, Digital Video, Color
  3. Diploma Film: 10 min, 35mm/HD/16mm, Color

Head of Department


Non-Motion Photography | 6 Credit Hours
Students understand the basics of framing, composition & lighting skills, while learning about various lens effects & depth of field. They are also given an introductory overview of electricity & studio power layout methods and to set lighting within a film studio.

  • Practical sessions
  • Familiarization with Canon still camera
  • Exposure and Light Meter
  • 3-point lighting with 35mm still camera
  • Human figure & background light using still camera lenses.

Video Fundamentals | Standard Definition 12 Credit Hours
Students progress from photochemical to electronic imaging and are taken ahead into more complex lighting situations. They hone their skills to operate & focus on complex and intricate camera movements with cranes, trolleys & tracking devices.


  • Mise-en-scène
  • Practical sessions
  • Operation & focus pulling with Sony D50
  • Studio set lighting with Sony D50

Motion Picture Photography | 16mm | 4 Credit Hours
Students build on their skills of lighting, lenses and operation on a coordinated project without the aid of a video assist

  • Practical sessions
  • Introduction to 16mm film
  • Demo & hands-on of Arriflex 16 SR2
  • Post-Production in a film laboratory


Motion Picture Photography | 16mm and 35mm | 10 Credit Hours
Here students learn more about 16mm and 35mm Motion Picture Photography with an in-depth study of Advanced Film Exposure with Grey Card, Exposed Negative Processing & Printing, Color Temperature Theory and Advance Lab Theory. Towards their term-end students execute a visual interpretation of song/music on 35mm film.

  • Practical sessions
  • Hands on with a 35mm camera
  • Preparing for the music video
  • Project
  • Music Video

Video Fundamentals | High Definition | 8 Credit Hours
Students gain an understanding of HD Video & Digital Cinematography through experience after an in-depth detailing of its features and capabilities.

  • Practical sessions
  • Hands-on with HD camera & recorder
  • Master Class Series | 4 Credit Hours

Master Classes and interactive sessions are held with practicing experts at the end of the term to prepare students for the professional world outside.

  • Practical sessions
  • Shoot in 35mm Motion Picture Camera


Execution of Diploma Films | 16 Credit Hours

Students execute their Diploma Film projects as Cinematographers through Pre-Production, Shoot and Post-Production stages. They also assist their own batch mates as 1st or 2nd Assistant camerapersons or focus pullers. Students acquire skills of pre-production, production and post-production planning and execution and understand the various jobs involved in active cinematography and everything it takes to tell a story visually in relation to their respective Diploma projects.

  • Practical sessions
  • Diploma film shoots
  • Post production of Diploma films
  • Workshop
  • Sessions with Professional DOPs

Documentary Film | 6 Credit Hours

Students shoot an assessed Documentary Film on any High Definition or DSLR camera with a minimum edited duration of 7 minutes.