66 Credit Hours | 18 Months

The Direction specialisation aims to nurture filmmakers with unique perspectives and vision. It inculcates in students a deep insight into humanity and society through storytelling. Although primarily centred on the production of narrative films, the programme also gives insights into documentary, ad film and music video production.



Direction 201 | 14 Credit hours

Students learn fundamental directorial tools – manipulation of time and space – to develop their own approach to film narrative and use this in actual practice. A significant objective is to develop an understanding of cinematic mise-en-scène.

In this semester they make four short films with specific parameters, attend shooting practicals and take special modules on all aspects of filmmaking – lensing, camera movement, scripting, and sound design.

  • Workshops
  • Long Take
  • Mise-en-scene
  • Practicals
  • Use of Time in Cinema
  • Track Laying Sound Practical
  • D50 Camera Practical
  • Shot Breakdown
  • 90 second film
  • 3 minute film
  • Mise-en-scène Exercise

Tools from the Masters I | 4 Credit hours
The learning comes from studying films of the world’s great filmmakers. This module has three parts:

  1. Film Analysis
  2. Study of a Director
  3. Department Screenings. The classes are an interactive mix of classroom instruction, film viewing and discussions.

Performance Dimension I | 4 Credit hours
The objective of this programme is to encourage an understanding of the art and craft of acting among direction students. In these classes, students get a hands-on experience of performance.


Direction 301 | 14 Credit hours
Students are equipped with advanced tools & techniques that enhance their ability to handle narrative in their exercises and Diploma films.

  • Workshops
  • Dialogue Writing
  • Storytelling
  • Colour
  • Working with a Music Director
  • Master Class
  • Practicals
  • 16mm Practical
  • HD Camera Practical
  • Landscape Practical

Tools from the Masters II | 4 Credit hours
Contemporary & classic films are screened to hone students’ analytical skills, especially beat breakdown in Film Analysis and Study of a Director.

Performance Dimension II | 4 Credit hours
The following will be specifically addressed in these classes – What is the scene about? How will actors contribute? How to communicate that to the actors?


Direction 401 | 15 Credit hours

Students synthesize all the learning of the last three semesters to make their Diploma Films. They take the lead on their respective projects through the various stages of pre-production, shoot and post-production.

  • Workshops
  • 3D Workshop
  • EP Scheduling
  • Practicals
  • 35mm Camera Practical

Diploma Docket | 3 Credit hours
Prior to the Diploma Film shoot, students pitch their script and submit a comprehensive docket which includes synopsis of their story, character profiles, production design, shot breakdown & camera/character movement, ground plan, storyboard & axis breakdown, notes on cinematography, editing & Sound as well as a detailed film budget.

Life Skills | 4 Credit hours
Students are exposed to aesthetic, technical and professional skills & inputs on to how to function in the industry. The faculty observes how students have assimilated these inputs as reflected in their approach to creative ideation, project management and making films.

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