Specialisation in Sound Recording & Design
66 Credit Hours | 18 Months

The Sound Recording and Design specialisation trains students in all the essential technical elements of film sound and instills in them a profound appreciation of the enormous aesthetic contribution sound makes to a motion picture’s production. Students gain comprehensive knowledge of ‘film sound design’ and the role of sound in any creative audio-visual endeavour. On completion of this programme, a student will be able to manage the entire sound workflow for motion picture, television, commercials, live events and documentaries. Through their specialisation students are constantly watching and analysing the work of great masters and understanding the creative use sound plays in the narrative structure.

In these specialisation, the students will work on the following projects:

  1. Mise-en-scene (Multi Shot): 3 min, Digital Video, Color
  2. Mise-en-scène (Single Shot): 3 min, Digital Video, Color
  3. Diploma Film: 10 min, 35mm/HD/16mm, Color
Sudipta Basu

Sudipta Basu
Head of Department


Basics of Electricity, Mathematics and Physics related to Sound Recording and Design | 9 Credit hours

Students learn the basics of electricity, about various recording tools, microphones, loudspeakers, basics of various amplifiers, basic principles & subjective aspects of sound, sound measurements & metering etc.

Sound Recording Theory, Techniques and Practice Level I: Introduction to the Studio & Basic Music Recording | 13 Credit hours

Students learn the recording chain in detail – both analogue & digital; studio techniques & sound post-production work, location sound recording & music recording.


Working On ‘Pro Tools’

Introduction: Location Recording on Sound Device Recorder

Importing, Synchronising & Track Laying on Pro Tools

Introduction to Analogue & Digital Consoles

Music Recording Using Single & Multiple Microphones

Simple Music Recording Sessions with Vocals


Sound Recording Theory, Techniques & Practice Level II: Location Recording Equipment Handling, Location Soundtrack Cleaning, Sound Designing and Dubbing | 16 Credit hours

Students learn about basics of magnetic recording & using the NAGRA recorder; ‘Optical Recording’ theory, synchronisation in films, its necessity and applications. They will learn about automation in recording and its application; digital audio and the various ‘digital’ recording mediums and formats, stereophonic sound and bi-aural hearing.

Room Acoustics | 2 Credit hours

Students acquire fundamental knowledge of acoustics of recording studios & auditoriums, room acoustics, and related calculations.

Dolby & Projection Theory | 4 Credit hours

Students acquire comprehensive knowledge of various ‘Sound & Film’ projection systems and the various ‘surround sound’ systems and formats in use. They will learn about Dolby SR & 5.1/6.1/7.1 formats, difference between Dolby ‘SR’, Dolby Digital & Dolby EX, DTS recording and reproduction systems and Dolby noise reduction systems.


HD Coordinated Exercise

Understanding & Practicing on ‘Deva’ and Sound Devise 788T recorders

Foley Recording/Dubbing /Track Laying

Setup, Dumping, Track Laying and Mixing

Location Recording With A Full Unit In Operation


Location Recording

Film Mixing on Dolby Digital


Song/Music Recording & Mixing | 4 Credit hours

Students practice processing and mixing songs on tracks provided by various music directors and the bank of songs from Mukta Arts Limited.

Production Location Recording |8 Credit hours

Students get thorough practice in complete ‘Sound Designing’ for feature films.

Sound Post Production & Film Mixing | 10 Credit hours

Students develop skills in Track laying including multi tracking & preparing layers, preparing ‘stems’ for surround mix & a thorough practice of balancing for the final surround mix.


Complete ‘Sound Designing’ for feature films

‘Track laying’ – Multi Track & Preparing Layers

Preparing ‘Stems’ for Surround Mix

Through Practice of ‘Balancing’ for the Final Surround Mix

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