“We work hard all our life and maybe during that time we may not realize the importance of it as we don’t see the bigger picture but the most glorious and beautiful moments of our life are made up of that constant hard work. All the frustration is forgotten at that moment of our creativity as we are in fine tune with the universe,” said award winning dancer and choreographer, Terence Lewis at Whistling Woods International’s 5th VEDA event. Terence Lewis managed to maintain close proximity with around 300 students through his interaction on the subject of ‘The Art and Technique of Contemporary Dance’ where he answered dance related questions of the students and helped them understand the phenomenon better. He called dance as an ‘Art of Meditation.’ Some of the students put on their dancing shoes too to sway with the dance master and enact some movements. The dancers surprisingly showcased the artistry in a very skilled manner.

An AV of evolution of dance from innovation to improvisation was shown to the students followed by an AV on Spiritual Science which delved on the power of thoughts.

Terence Lewis exuded sufficient depth and variety of material to his dance which earned him constant applause. His aura on the stage was supported by dexterous dance technique, style and sheer performing skill. Also the other dancers enchanted everyone with wonderful delicacy, as Terence brought a marvelous fullness to his choreography which drew the audience into the moment-by-moment tension.

He emphasized on the point that since India is a multicultural country, it is very important to collaborate with other people and being in touch with other ideas to gain inspiration and explore the subject. Students should be determined to widen their horizons and should preserve their individuality in all the different styles they explore.