It was pleasure to have Fashion Stylist, Snower Sania at our campus on 30th January.

In the masterclass Snower Sania shared insight on Fashion styling as a profession and its importance in today’s industry. She spoke about the current trends & contemporary styling techniques. She also explained the process of understanding trends in connection to the various body types, colors and personality. She said, “Fashion styling alone carries many options in terms of profession.” She also explained each aspect and as to how the students could choose & decide the correct option, depending on their passion.

Talking of fashion styling she shared with the students what is the work of a fashion stylist, the difficulties faced and prospects in the industry. Usually there is a general confusion about the roles of a Stylist and a Designer. She clarified the doubts of the students and said, “Fashion styling is a part of Fashion designing. A person can be a Good designer but not necessary a good stylist and vice versa. The stylist is a person who not only guides or helps one in terms of their clothing but also oversees into the complete makeover of the person, from make-up to hair to accessories and etc. that one chooses to wear or put together.”

She also shared her current work with the students giving them insights of the profession, which in return was very motivating for them. Overall the session with Snower Sania was informative yet enjoyable for the students.