Mumbai, September 30, 2022: Whistling Woods International (WWI), has always strived to bring forth practices to promote harmony and inclusivity on campus. As an Institute synonymous with being a thought leader in the domain of film, communication and creative arts education, WWI has always created an atmosphere where every individual’s need is acknowledged and respected, making each one feel being part of the community.

Taking this ethos further, the Institute has implemented new practices to create a truly inclusive community on campus. WWI announced Gender Neutral and Accessible Washrooms on campus as part of its student-led initiatives, ‘Khwaab‘ and ‘Embrace‘. These washrooms are accessible by anyone, regardless of gender identity and for individuals with special needs, respectively.

Furthermore, to contribute towards the Sustainable Development Goals in its small way, WWI has also installed a PET Bottle Crushing Machine, to encourage students, staff, and faculty to recycle used plastic bottles on campus. This, the institute believes, will go a long way in reducing plastic pollution, which is one of the most pressing environmental issues faced by the world today.

In addition, the campus has also installed a Biodegradable Sanitary Napkin dispenser in the women’ washrooms. The funds collected from this initiative are directed towards the welfare of the cats and dogs fostered by the Institute.

Speaking about these initiatives, Meghna Puri, President, WWI shared, “We have always been committed towards addressing sensitive issues on campus through its various initiatives. The recent student-led sustainability initiatives are a testament to it. These practices go a long way in instilling positive thoughts amongst young and impressionable minds to respect each individual and sensitise them towards the environmental issues the world is facing presently.”

The institute has always embraced suggestions, thereby making a conscious and proactive effort to stay ahead of the trends to ensure a responsive environment for its patrons to feel loved and respected.