“Everything in filmmaking is a conflict. And conflict is beautiful”, shared the team of Trapped at Whistling Woods International

‘Trapped’, penned by Amit Joshi and Hardik Mehta; directed by Vikramaditya Motwane, is a survival thriller inspired by Amit Joshi’s real-life experience. In a rather candid session with the students of Whistling Woods International (WWI), the talented trio shared invaluable knowledge and various insights on filmmaking.

The session witnessed Amit Joshi narrate his personal experience of being locked in his apartment and how the situation created various conflicts within him. Further explaining how these inner conflicts led him to write Trapped, he cited, “Everything in filmmaking is a conflict and conflict is beautiful.”

Adding on, Vikramaditya shared the minute details of the storyline, the choice of location and the right characterisation, which played an essential role in the making of the critically acclaimed movie. He explained how the movie proved to be a metaphor, considering the protagonist ‘Shaurya’(Rajkumar Rao) survives in the chaos of a metropolitan city yet finds himself alone and isolated. Vikramaditya also mentioned that the aim of the movie was to portray, a ‘never give-up’ attitude with subtle references.

Sharing the process of creating a screenplay, Hardik Mehta mentioned how Amit and he brainstormed for hours and tried to incorporate different perspectives. The most interesting learning element for the students was the purported ‘method-writing’ that Amit Joshi undertook. He described to the students how he would put himself in the actor’s shoe in order to imagine and create a realistic storyline.

Further, in the session, Vikramaditya also enlightened the students about the importance of a production designer and how cinematography is hugely dependent on them. He elaborated, “It is not always about the light but also about the texture of the wall, the colour of the sofa and the little elements that production designers bring about.”

The session marked its end with a Q&A round, where the team of Trapped willingly answered the queries of the students. The talented trio of one of the finest film of all time were bestowed with a token of gratitude by Anjum Rajabali amidst thunderous applause of appreciation.