A group of 4 students: Abhimanyu Kanodia, Aly Rana, Harshil Bhanushali & Yang Zimik, made four Documentary Films, as part of the “Looking China 2015” Project, even before they have completed their graduation! Through their films, they captured the beautiful essence of life and brought forth the intricate detail that makes everyday special in its own way.

With such budding experts at the threshold of student life moving ahead as professionals, we could not let go off an opportunity to know the experience of these emerging filmmakers. A special Masterclass in every sense – A Masterclass by the Students for the Students!

It was endearing to hear them share their views on planning projects & how should one prepare to shoot a film in a foreign land. Their clarity on what needs to be achieved through a film – a sense of purpose, and their understanding of the nuances, like identifying relevant imagery to represent an idea did say a lot about how promising filmmakers they would evolve to be!

While sharing his experience, Aly Rana, touched upon the point of how important it is to understand the subject and people who need to be interviewed to make a Documentary Film. Yang Zimik shared his experience on handling heavy and complex equipment, and thus pointed that one should be aware of the equipment beforehand to be able to use it effectively. Abhimanyu Kanodia, shared snippets on the importance of proper planning and research to be able to smoothly operate in an unknown land and get the maximum output in a limited time span.

Going beyond the technicalities of shooting a film, the stories of experiencing life a little differently did encourage our existing students to passionately master the craft. This session also gave our students an understanding that there is no dearth of exposure that we give to our students and we take it on to us to identify our students’ potential and ensure that they get a platform to showcase their talent.