“Capture as much as possible. Never edit your film, while the shoot is still on”, advised Rajesh Mapuskar while addressing the filmmaking students at Whistling Woods International
~ Ashutosh Gowariker& Rajesh Mapuskar, addressed the students at a special screening of the film Ventilator, held at the WWI campus ~
Whistling Woods International (WWI) hosted a special screening of the blockbuster, path-breaking Marathi film ‘Ventilator’ followed by a masterclass for the filmmaking students. Ventilator is acknowledged for being one of the most successful Marathi films of 2016, owing to its qualitative content and realistic characters.

Acclaimed film director Ashutosh Gowariker, who turned an actor for this film, threw light on some of the key technicalities of filmmaking while also sharing his one-of-a-kind experience as an actor. Director of the film, Rajesh Mapuskar also shared his experiences of working in the film industry, thereby spending quality time with the students. The actor-director duo seemed to share a very close and affectionate bond, which turned the masterclass into a memorable interactive session for the filmmaking students at WWI.

Ashutosh Gowariker confessed, “When I was reading the script, after two pages, I stopped looking at it from an actor’s perspective and started reading out of genuine interest. It was also interesting to see how a movie of 2 hours can be shot in such a short span of time. But I think, sharp filmmaking skills and knowing your script can do wonders.”

Commenting on the occasion, the director of the film Rajesh Mapuskar said, “Filming a movie with 116 characters itself is an incredible experience. What’s even more exceptional is the journey that goes behind the process. Ventilator is very personal and close to my heart. Somewhere in the script, in the characters, my own personality and life is being reflected.”

While imparting knowledge, he stated, “This film is the product of my 48 years long life seeking good stories and the child of a very hardworking set of people. I sincerely hope the aspiring filmmakers at Whistling Woods International enjoyed it.”