“If a Man can do it, then even Women can,” said Radhika Mukherji while interacting with the SMC students of Whistling Woods International

~The guest speaker spoke about her entrepreneurial journey and shared some experiences from her life with the students~ The students of School of Media & Communication (SMC), Whistling Woods International (WWI) participated in yet another engaging and insightful session by Radhika Mukherji, Founder of Happydemics. Happydemics is a company that was launched with an aim to discover and deploy artistes who deserve recognition. The masterclass commenced with the success story of Radhika, which began after she became a mother of two.

During the session, Radhika spoke about the ethos of Happydemics in detail and how she and her husband Shaan, decided to give back to the music industry by creating this unique platform. She further shed some light on the importance of time and self-management in an artist’s life and advised the students about the importance of soft skills along with the academic degrees. On the conclusion of an eventful session, Radhika told the audiences about how Shaan has played an imperative role in her entrepreneurial journey and always motivated her to follow her dreams.

Addressing the students she said, “Nowadays it’s not really a challenge to become an entrepreneur, there are many VC’s in the market to support your idea. If you are confident about the start-up and you think your idea is great, you should definitely go for it.”

Speaking about her experience at WWI she said, “I am happy to be here and connect with a group of young and enthusiastic students. I think you should have the ability to put forth your idea but also balance it by respecting your seniors. I see a lot of potential in the students of WWI, and I wish them luck for their future endeavours.”