Karl Katgara Shared Invaluable Career Advice with Students of Whistling Woods International School of Media and Communication

Whistling Woods International (WWI) School of Media & Communication hosted Karl Katgara, Co-Founder, Butter Media for an exclusive masterclass today. During the course of the masterclass, he shared numerous tips on generating digital content and elaborated upon his eventful journey in the domain.

The session began with Karl Katgara highlighting the requirements for drafting contents for different genres – Television and YouTube, and how digital has made a ‘firm place’ in the minds of the viewers. Differentiating between the target audience of television and that of the digital platforms, he mentioned the diversity of the Indian audience and compared them with the European counterparts and emphasised upon the ocean of opportunities that exist in India for various kinds of content to rule! Responding to the question raised by an eager student that content writers do not get paid enough, Karl cited his personal example by adding, “Throughout my career, I have prioritised quality work over money. This was crucial for attaining the required momentum and be noticed in the industry, thereby paving the path for a brighter future.”

Karl who has been credited for making the first YouTube laughter channel cited the reason stating, “There were no comparisons, no rules, and no guidelines to follow while working for a YouTube channel. That triggered me to set my own standard and present the content in a manner that I felt would work.”

The session ended amidst thunderous applause as Karl Katgara was bestowed with a token of appreciation by Meenakshi CV, Faculty, WWI School Media & Communication. As a piece of parting advice, Karl Katgara concluded, “Read a lot of books and meditate often. These are crucial for personal and professional growth.” He further added, “Don’t take anything to heart and continue doing what you feel is right for your career. There will be always someone on the upper hand when compared to you. Executing the task diligently and exhibiting hard work is in your court. Do strive to achieve these qualities in life.”