“AR/VR will be the ruling technology in a few years and the scale of its use in digital would increase in India”, said Arnav Neel Ghosh at the 44th Vamrr conference hosted at Whistling Woods International

Virtual Interactive, Experiential Marketing discussed at Vamrr conference held at WWI was based on technology and how it helps the marketing process for companies

As Asia’s premire institue for Film, Communication and Creative Arts, Whistling Woods International (WWI) has always encouraged the use of modern technolgy and it’s unwavering attributes to benefiting current business trends. Keeping this philosophy in mind, WWI hosted the 44th Vamrr conference where the topic in discussion was – Virtual Interactive, Experiential Marketing based on technology and how it helps the marketing process for companies.

Post the initial round of introductions of participants, the first session began with Mithun Panagal, Co-Founder Custom Technologies who discussed VR/MR interaction in a lab experience. His session also focused on the potential of Holographic Chat-Bots and the expenses business could incur with their implementation.

The second session, hosted by Arnav Neel Ghosh, Managing Director, Blippar India, discussed the immersive nature of VR and the development of the right tools for businesses, marketing and today’s startups.

Ashwini Nagarkatti, Category Marketing Manager- Washing Machines, Godrej Appliances discussed how immersive technology has made marketing their products an exciting experience for their consumer-base. Other industry stalwarts like Suchita Phadke, an independent consultant; Rahul Deshpande, Co-founder & CEO, Ethos Digital; Parag Risbhud, Digital Consulting Lead, IBM; Dipankar Mukherjee, Chief – Idea & Innovation, Hypercollective; and Vishal Rupani, Founder, MCanvas were among the large panel of speakers.

Each session helped highlight how important Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality are to infusing great marketing ideas and concepts with immersive technology. Not only would it help boost campaign values, but they will prove to be highly attractive to consumers. Although the technology is relatively new to the marketing arena, marketers have been seeing promising results. But one must also consider its purpose, relevance and context while planning any strategy using immersive technology. It is clearly so much more than scanning a code and watching a video play.

By outlining how Immersive Technology is the inevitable future in marketing, these professionals drove home the ideology that this new phase will prove beneficial for customer experience, satisfaction and retention as well.

The 44th Conference by Vamrr came to an end with a round of applause for the speakers and the bank of knowledge they shared. It was followed up by their corresponding vote of thanks to Vamrr and WWI for allowing them to present their perspective on the technology in the marketing space.