WWI & Auroville Film Institute presents a Masterclass Series


Whistling Woods International in collaboration with Auroville Film Institute presents Mise-en-scene masterclass series in Auroville.
The masterclass will provide a complete behind the scenes experience, from idea to film! The master makers will discuss the nuances of making the film, while it is being made.  

The Masterclass conducted by industry experts is curated for cinema lovers, enthusiasts and aspiring filmmakers, who are looking forward to an experiential learning process.

The Masters will make the participants privy to the entire process from mental to physical, from creative to technical. The workshop will comprise of film screenings, discussions, discourses, several practical exercises, and a full-fledged Mise-en-scene shoot.

We all love watching films. Most of us can make one perhaps. But how do the Masters make their films? What is the thought process involved? How does the idea develop? How do they draft their scripts? How are scenes designed? How are shots executed? How does a cinematographer light a shot? How does he compose, choreograph action and camera? How does editing happen? What is the process of selection and elimination? How does the editor find a rhythm? How does he sense energy? How does he make it flow in the film? How is the film sculpted? What happens in Post-Production? What magic Sound Design does to a film? What completes a film? Learn all this and more..


Sudipto Acharyya  – Screenplay & Direction. Faculty, Direction Department, WWI 
Shanti Bhushan  Roy  Cinematographer
Amitabha Chakravarty   Film Editor
Madhu Apsara  Sound Designer  

December 19, 2019 – January 12, 2020
A certificate of participation will be issued by Auroville Film Institute.


The fee for this 25 days course with 4 masters is INR 42000/- (inclusive of all taxes)
Hostel charges will be additional INR 8000/- including breakfast for 28 days.


To Register:
Log on to: https://www.aurovillefilminstitute.com/

Or Call: 9969879319 (Richa)