MBA in Media & Entertainment | (2 years)

Programme Overview

Duration: 2 Years (4 Semesters)
Eligibility: Graduation, from any recognized University
Awarded By: Rajiv Gandhi National Institute of Youth Development (Institution of National Importance by Act of Parliament No.35/2012)
Entrance Process: General Aptitude Test, Essay, Group Discussion & Personal Interview

The objective of this programme is to give students an in-depth understanding of management techniques along with a general understanding of how the media industry is managed in a practical and real-world scenario. Students are exposed to management topics as well as practical and theoretical understanding of Media & Entertainment to gain a holistic understanding of all sub-sectors.
The credit hours split into theory (TC) and practical hours (PC) for each subject. Fifteen hours of instruction is one theory credit and thirty hours of work is one practical credit.

The Indian Media & Entertainment industry includes print, television, film, radio, digital media, music, gaming, events and live media, out of home and other ancillary media.
The industry is valued at over USD 15 billion. Although this is only 0.84% of the global M&E industry, the Indian M&E industry is a sunrise industry with a growth of 11.8%, which is more than double the rate of growth of the global industry. In fact, over the next five years, the industry is projected to grow at 14.2%. This growth has been led by the industry being able to extract more revenue from its already large volume.
In the M&E industry, building volume is hard. India already has the volume. The Indian M&E industry now needs to build value in each unit of the already existing volume by enhancing quality.
Students graduating the programme can look forward to careers in film production, television, film marketing, film distribution, digital and new media, social media, journalism, advertising, PR, event management, talent management and many other sub-sectors of the Media & Entertainment industry.

Theory lectures: These lectures will be interactive, and students will be encouraged to participate actively. For certain specialised topics, leading professionals and industry guest lecturers will be invited.
Interaction with professionals: Through the ‘5th Veda’ and ‘Masterclass’ events, WWI regularly invites practicing media professionals to interact with students, not only to share their professional and creative experiences with them, but to actually make the students work.
Study tours/Trips: Students will get opportunities to go to media production units, film production units, studios etc., where they can experience in real-time the finer nuances of the trade.
Projects/Events: Students will participate in co-ordinated projects and events both on-campus and off-campus. It is through these projects that they will learn how to make crucial decisions and manage contingencies in the process of Media Management.
Campus to corporate program – To help students make a smooth transition from being a student to being a professional.

MBA in Media Management (2022-2024)
**Subject to Academic Approval

After successful completion of the year 1, in the year 2 students will choose courses based on what area of Media & Entertainment they want to specialize in. Areas of specialization offered are:

  • Content Creation
  • PR and Corporate Communication
  • Advertising and Brand Management


Course Code


1 Mgmt Finance 1
Marketing 1
Stats for Management
Principles & Practices of Mgmt.
Media Introduction to Media & Communication Theories
Introduction to PR and Advertising
Producing Short Film
Journalism for New Age
Audio Production
2 Mgmt Finance 2
Marketing 2
Research Methods for M&E
Strategic Management
Mgmt Elective Any 1 out of 2
Digital Technology & Ecosystems
Business Environment & International Businesses
Media Public Relations Management
Advance Media & Culture
Media Business (News, TV, Audio, Digital)
Media Elective Any 2 out of 5
Fiction Film Production
Non-Fiction Production
Sports Management & Production
Experiential Marketing
3 Mgmt Finance 3
Business & Media Law
Mgmt Elective Any 1 out of 2
Finance and Investments
Media Integrated Marketing Communication
Media Elective Any 1 from each
AD Media Buying and Planning
Account Planning & Management
Creative Advertising
PR Entertainment PR
Corporate PR
PR & Marketing Communication
Content OTT & Content origination
VR, VFX & Virtual Production
Film Business
4 Dissertation
Students’ Work
YouTube Video
YouTube Video
Quick Links
Industry Speak
Masterclass with Malini Agarwal
Tarunjeet Rattan