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Students' Works

Students' Works

Tuesday, Whistling Woods Short Film

He died on board one of seven trains that were bombed on the suburban railway in Mumbai. That was 22 years ago. There's still time to save him.

Cast & Crew:

Director: Jogavindra S Khera

Music / Sound: Gunjan Shrivastav

Editor: Sanket Sharma, Avnish Mehra

Actors: Gaurav Ghatnekar, Akshat Trivedi

Catharsis, Whistling Woods Short Film
If a mother can understand her child's sufferings, then why can't her child feel the same for her?
Cast & Crew:
Director: Tenzing Youthok
Music / Sound: Rakshit Thantry
Editor: Ritvik Prabhune
Cinematographer: Hiten Joshi
Actors: Ariana Sajnani, Neresha Roy, Rabiya Nazaki, Fabian Lindemeier.
Chak Ke Le Gayi, Whistling Woods Short Film

A Friendship is Love, and a Love is Friendship.

Cast & Crew:

Director: Avantika Sharma

Music / Sound: Sanjiv Kohali

Editor: Arjun Mogre

Cinematographer: Ronald D'Silva, Karl Philip Lohmann

Actors: Divya Taneja, Tanvir Singh, Vivek Sethia

Kotuhal, Whistling Woods Short Film

'Kotuhal' means curiosity. Sonu always wonders why his mother asks him to play outside for some time while she goes in the bedroom with strange men. One day, he decides to make a hole in the door so that he can finally solve this mystery. What he sees, scars him for life.

Cast & Crew:

Director: Anand Kanti

Music / Sound: Amit / Gunjan Srivastava

Editor: Rutwick Nuampurkar

Cinematographer: Neeraj Magoo

Actors: Anil Mange, Ishika, Harsh

Mai, Whistling Woods Short Film

What you will call a person, who has relieved one of his most nearest and dearest one from their suffering? 'A Murder' or 'A Peaceful relief' for that person?

A young man comes to terms with his fear of separation from his mother when she is on her deathbed. Mai has raised Siddhant all alone and he is now a successful young man. The film recounts a past event of Siddhant when he was 9 years old and was being separated from his Mai due to a job she was talking in a different town. In the present, Sidddhant must also deal with separation but this time his Mai is dying and he must let her go.

Cast & Crew:

Director: Surya Menon

Music / Sound: Shweta Pandit, Salil Jamdar

Editor: Akshay Mehta

Cinematographer: Shubham Kasera

Actors: Ratna Pathak Shah, Purav Bhandare, Vijay Tilani

I Can Hear You Calling, Whistling Woods Short Film

I Can Hear You Calling' is a story that takes us through the Paranoia and Vulnerability of a young girl. Do watch to know how this girl deals with the situation.

Cast & Crew:

Director: Chirag Arora

Music: Nikhil Chauhan

Editor: Deepa Alimchandani

Cinematographer: Karl Philip Lohmann

Actors: Vahbiz Dorabjee, Mustafa Husain, Sahil Vaid

Uss Paar, Whistling Woods Short Film

It's Ganesh Festival time and little girl Mukta wants her sculptor father to make another Ganesh idol for her. She has picked river side mud and she wants to fulfill her part of the custom by providing the sacred mud to her father. However the father has migrated to Mumbai as a taxi driver.She meets an old railway TT (Kishen) who embarks on train journey to Mumbai everyday. Kishen has his own demons and has stopped believing in happy endings. Between hope and despair, where would the balance tilt? What is the significance of that mud for Mukta, for her father and for Kishen? This the girl doesn't know. All she can do is hope and wait for her father - who lives on the other end of the tracks.

Cast & Crew:

Director: Arati Kadav

Music / Sound: Neepun Cheema

Editor: Sushant Mishra

Cinematographer: Chetan Vhora

Actors: Jackie Shroff, Ovi Dixit, Vijay Suriyan

Dugga Dugga Dugga, Whistling Woods Short Film

Till what extend your suspicion can take you? Watch the movie to know the suspense. A movie that talks about till what limit can a women hold herself, when she is been harassed physically and mentally. What see can do don't miss to watch.

Director: Venkat Pusapati

Music / Sound: Gaurav Kapadia

Cinematographer: Utkrisht Kumar

Actors: Anita, Vikas Malhotra, Ankur Panchal

Aiyanna 2015

Our alumna, Pallavi Jaswani, created a collection named 'Latafath Se', inspired by the old world charm of the Mughal era, for our first Graduation Show - Aiyanna 2015.

Aiyanna 2015

Our alumna, Bharti Sharma, created a collection named 'Colour Crush', for our first Graduation Show - Aiyanna 2015.

Aiyanna 2015

Our alumna, Rashmi Singh, created a collection named 'Ticket Ticket', for our first Graduation Show - Aiyanna 2015.

Aiyanna 2015

Our alumna, Niyati Pathak, created a collection named 'Coven', for our first Graduation Show - Aiyanna 2015.

Her collection portrays the essence of human psychology and the way the human mind aspire to be on the brighter side while slipping into the darker realms at times! The constant tug of defining the black & the white, inspired this amazing line of collection!